RPLiDAR S2 Low Cost 360 Degree Laser Range Scanner – 30M Range


RPLIDAR S2 is a new generation of low-cost two-dimensional laser ranging radar (LIDAR), which can perform a 360-degree omni-directional laser ranging scan within a 30-meter radius of a two-dimensional plane, and generate a flat point cloud map of the space in which it is located information.

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RPLIDAR S2 adopts laser time-of-flight ranging technology, coupled with the high-speed laser acquisition and processing mechanism developed by SLAMTEC, which can perform 32,000 ranging actions per second. It uses non-contact energy and signal transmission technology, overcomes the life limitation of traditional lidar, and can operate reliably and stably for a long time.
Universal simultaneous positioning and mapping (SLAM)
Environmental scanning and 3D reconstruction
Service robots and industrial fields that need to work continuously for a long time
Navigation and positioning of home care/cleaning robots
General robot navigation and positioning
Positioning and obstacle detection of smart toys
High-speed laser ranging sampling capability of 32,000 times per second
Non-contact energy and signal transmission technology
Reliable and stable operation for a long time
Coverage area with a radius of 30 meters on a two-dimensional plane
360° omnidirectional laser ranging scanning
Excellent application in both indoor and outdoor environments
Built-in speed detection and adaptive system
Cost reduction because there is no need to provide a complex power supply system
The emitted laser power complies with IEC-60825 Class 1 human eye safety level

Model RPLiDAR S2
Communication Interface TTL,UART
Communication rate 1M
Supply voltage 5V
Supply Current (A) 40mA(5V power supply, during sleep) 400mA(5V power supply, working)


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