Robotcat 270mm Quadcopter Combo Kit

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 If you have FPV racing on your mind, then this is the number one quadcopter for you. build from pure carbon fiber, 1.5mm thick fuselage & 3mm thick arms can be fitted with:
  1. 1806 to 2206 sized motors.
  2. 12A speed controller
  3. SP Racing F3 (Acro) flight Controller
  4. 3 to 4S 1500mah Lipo battery
  5. 32mm CCTV Camera
  6. 5 inches propeller


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Robotcat 270mm Quadcopter Combo was designed with aerodynamics in mind. The carbon fiber we use allows us to create a sturdy but lightweight structure. For the Canopy, we took into account the ease of maintenance. The design incorporates a hinge feature allowing for easy access to the electronic insides.

Specifications and Features:

RS2205 2300KV 2205 CW/CCW Brushless Motor
  1. Brands: Ready to sky
  2. Model: RS2205-2300
  3. Framework: 12N14P
  4. No. of Cells: 3 – 4S
  5. Color: Red
  6. Length: 31.7mm



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