Richbeam LakiBeam 1S – 270 Degree Industrial-grade Single-line 2D ToF LiDAR (15m, 12V, Ethernet UDP, IP65)


LakiBeam1S is a single-line LiDAR developed by Richbeam for medium and low-speed scenarios. The industrial design is exquisite and compact, making the product small in size, light in weight, and high in performance. It supports ultra-high frequency sampling and optional angular resolution and achieves zero blind spots within the detection range.

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With 70% reflectivity, the detection distance can reach 15 meters. dToF industrial single-line laser radar has a data sampling rate of up to 18 kHz (10 Hz), which is not affected by outdoor light environments. It is suitable for a hotel lobby, supermarket, factory park, and other scenes.

Time-of-flight (TOF) technology Uses laser pulses and measures the time it takes for the pulse to bounce back from an object to calculate the distance to the object
2D scanning Can generate high-resolution 2D maps of the surrounding environment
Range Has a range of up to 40 meters
Compact design The sensor is small and lightweight, making it easy to install and integrate into various applications
Ruggedized construction The sensor is designed to withstand harsh industrial environments, with a protective housing that is IP65 rated for water and dust resistance
Low reflectivity detection Can detect objects with low reflectivities, such as dark or matte surfaces
Easy to use Can be easily configured and controlled via software
Wide field of view The sensor has a wide field of view, allowing it to capture a large area in a single scan


Model LakiBeam1s
Range Principle TOF
Detection Distance 0-15m
Data Sample Rate 18kHz(10Hz)
Range Accuracy ±2cm
Power Consumption ≤2.5W
Horizontal FOV 270°
Protection Distance ≥15m(70% reflectivity)
≥10m(10% reflectivity)
Horizontal Resolution & Rotation Frequency 0.2°(10Hz)


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