RENESAS Gas Detection Sensor, Hydrogen (H2), Diffusion, SGAS Series


The chemiresistor sensors of IDT’s SGAS family are based upon the principle that metal oxide materials undergo surface inter– actions (physisorption and chemisorption) with gas molecules at elevated temperatures, resulting in a measurable change in electrical resistance.

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The IDT SGAS701 is a solid–state chemiresistor sensor designed to detect hydrogen in air. The sensor uses an integrated heater with highly sensitive MOx material tailored for detection of hydrogen.
Leak Detection
Gas Concentration Detection
Breath Detection
High sensitivity to low hydrogen concentrations (<10 to 1000 ppm) Fast response time (<15 seconds at 100ppm) Environmental humidity range of 0% to 90% RH, non-condensing Low dependence on flow rate Rugged, reliable sensor based on IDT’s exclusive technology Specification

Recommended heater voltage 5.4 VDC at TSENSOR = 240 degree C
Heater resistance typically 30 Ω (At room temperature)
Recommended sensing voltage 2.5 to 5.0 VDC
Sensor Operation Temperature 240 °C at VH = 5.4V
Recommended Environmental Temperature Range -20 to 50 °C
Maximum Storage Temperature Range -50 to 125 °C


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