Red PBS-11B 2PIN 12mm No, Lock Push Button Momentary, Switch 3A 250V

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This PBS 250v Inductive 12mm NPN-NO Proximity Sensor Switch is a component widely used in the automatic control industry for detecting, controlling, and non-contact switching. When the proximity switch is close to some target object, it will send out the control signal.

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When the metal approaches the near-proximity switch sensing area, and Eady Current is induced in the metal. Which in turn disturbs the magnetic field produced by the Inductive Proximity Sensor. This change is sensed by the sensor.

These inductive proximity switches can be non-contact, have no pressure, no spark quickly issued the electrical command. Accurately reflect the position and stroke movement mechanism. Positioning accuracy, operating frequency, service life. Easy to install and suitable for harsh environments.
Round Red Momentary Push Button, Single Pole Single Throw.
Designed to control the movement of a mechanical part.
Typically utilized in industrial control applications to automatically monitor and indicate whether the travel limits of a particular device have been exceeded.
High precision mechanism design offers acute operation and long life.

Model Type PBS-11B
Action Type Momentary
Contact configuration SPST
Rating Voltage AC 250V 3A
Mounting Hole Diameter 18mm
Button Diameter 15mm
Weight 85g


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