Readytosky MT2204 2300KV CCW Brushless Motor

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provides superior Japan Bearings for efficient operation.
Long-lasting N45SH magnets are in it.
For the optimum operational qualities, 2mm Laminations were used in the design.
They are more durable in class thanks to 180deg oxygen-free copper wire.
0.005 g or better balance is shown.
flawless lay-down windings

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Maximum Voltage(V) : 15
Peak Current (A) : 25
Maximum Power (W) : 350
Rotational Degree : 360
Motor KV (RPM/V) : 2300 KV
No Load Current (mA) : 0.6A @10V
Shaft Diameter (mm) : 5
Compatible Propellers Size (inch) : 5 inch Propeller
Compatible LiPO Batteries : 2S-3S Lipo Batterries


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