Readytosky 80A ESC 2-6S Brushless ESC Speed Controller for RC Drone

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ReadytoSky 80A 2-6 ESC comes with a multi-integrated special program, fast throttle response, surpasses all kinds of open-source software. Firmware was optimized specifically integrated circuitously for the disc motor, and it has very good compatibility and this ESC is compatible with 2-6s Lipo Battery.

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Security power function: When the power is turned on, regardless of the throttle stick at any position will not start the motor immediately to prevent personal injury
Throttle range calibrated function: to adapt the throttle differences between different strokes, improve the linearity of throttle response


Model Readytosky 80A ESC
Burst Current (A) 100
Constant Current (A) 80
BEC Yes (5V/5A)
Suitable Lipo Batteries 2 ~ 6S
Throttle signal refresh rate (Hz) 50 ~ 432
Maximum speed 210000 2-pole motor rev / min, 6-pole motors 70,000 rev / min, 12 pole motors 35,000 rev / min
Color Black


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