Rctimer ATLAS Flight Control System Included GPS and LED Module



  1. Easily-usable
  2. Seven type Multi-rotor supported
  3. External LED module with build-in PMU
  4. No compass need during stab mode
  5. Manual controllable during RTH and Auto Landing, avoiding accidents
  6. Compass disturbance alert
  7. Low voltage alert
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This product is an autopilot system designed for serious multi-rotor enthusiasts providing excellent self-leveling and maintaining altitude, which aids in relieving the stress of flying RC multi-rotors for both professional and hobby applications. Despite the system having a built-in autopilot system


  1. Main controller 4.5~5.5V
  2. LED module 7~28V
  3. Hovering Accuracy(GPS Mode): Horizontal ±2M, Vertical ±1M
  4. Max Tilt Angle: 30°
  5. Max Horizontal Speed: 6M/s
  6. Max Ascent Speed: 3.2M/s
  7. Max Descent Speed: 2.5M/s
  8. Wind Resistance: Continue 6~8M/s, Gust 10~12M/s


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