Radiolink T8S 2.4GHz 8CH Transmitter + R8EF Receiver with Built-in Rechargeable Battery and Bluetooth for App control

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The all-new Radiolink T8S 8 channels 2.4GHz RC transmitter and R8EF receiver remote controller has a very handy and stylish design with a built-in rechargeable battery and Bluetooth connectivity for connecting with any Android or Ios device to show real-time data with built-in telemetry.

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  1. Output Frequency: 2.4 GHz ISM band (2400 ~2483.5 MHz)
  2. Modulation Mode: GFSK
  3. Channel Bandwidth: 400 kHz
  4. Channel Pacing: 1200 kHz
  5. Spread Spectrum: FHSS, 67 channels pseudo-random frequency hopping
  6. Adjacent Channel Rejection: >36 dBm
  7. Transmitter Power: <100 mW (20 dBm)
  8. Reception Sensitivity: -104 dBm
  9. Transmission Rate: 38 kbps
  10. PWM Output Range: 1 ~2 ms
  11. Section Precision: 4096, 0.5 us per section
  12. Cycle: 15 ms/per frame
  13. T8S Operating Voltage: 4.2 V
  14. T8S Operating Current: <150 (±5) mA
  15. R8EF Operating Voltage: 3.7 ~4.2 V
  16. R8EF Operating Current: <30 mA
  17. Control Distance: >2000 m in the air (actual distance depends on the flight environment)
  18. Receivers Supported: R8EF (Standard), R8FM (Mini), R7FG.R8F, R6FG, R6F, R4FGM
  19. Simulator Supported: Yes
  20. Weight: 142 g


  1. APP SETUPS – Easy to set up, just wirelessly connect with the iOS/Android app or use a USB cable(Included) to connect T8S with the computer to set up, and support updated firmware to get the latest function..
  2. ERGONOMIC SHAPE – Make it closer to ergonomics and fit your hands more comfortably, the non-slip texture on the handle makes a firm grip, and throttle mode can be set, good for both teenagers and adults..
  3. INCLUDED R8EF RECEIVER – Press the side button for 1 second to bind once, no need to repeat binding next time. Small and portable RC remote and receiver(Total 5.0 ozs), applicable to Multirotor, Airplane, Robot, RC Tank, RC Car&Boat, and more.


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