Radiolink R9DS receiver

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  1. Upgraded version, antenna is improved, signal will be more stable
  2. Dual-way communication function
  3. Could send back flight data
  4. High sensitivity, distance up to 1.1km
  5. DSSS technology, reliable
  6. Supported S-BUS and high-voltage steering engine
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With DSSS&FHSS protocol, which makes R9DS with excellent anti-interference ability, control range up to 2.1 miles(3.4km) Support PWM/SBUS signal output, works with Radiolink AT9/AT9S/AT9S Pro/AT10/AT10II.


  1. Brand: RadioLink
  2. Model: R9DS
  3. Operating Voltage: 3.6-12V
  4. Operating Current: 38-45mA@5V.
  5. Frequency: 2.4GHz
  6. Channel: 9CH
  7. Color: Black
  8. Usage: Used for RadioLink AT9 AT10 remote controller


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