Radiolink Mini Pix Flight Controller

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  1. It comes with a Cost-Effective Solution.
  2. The shell of the Device to reduce interference of airflow during flying.
  3. The small size reduces the weight of the whole machine and flies for a long time.
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This is a Radiolink Mini Pix Flight Controller. This Flight controller has PIXHAWK Vibration Damping by this it can reduce the Motor vibration. Also, it has two telemetry Stream by which it can Transmit both Data and images. Image Transmission Depends upon the rated voltage of image Transmission. This is useful if you’re flying in First Person View (FPV) mode or don’t want to use a laptop at the field to see your telemetry data in the Mission Planner.


Processer : STM32F405VGT6
Connector(mm) : 1.25mm pitch JST GH connector
Telemetry Module : 2
PWM Input : 6 Oneshot/PWM Input
Operating Voltage(V) : 5.1
Output Voltage(V) : 5V+-0.3
RSSI Input(V) : PWM/3.3
Operating Temperature (°C) : -40 to 80


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