Radiolink AT9S Pro 2.4GHz 12CH RC Drone Remote with R9DS Receiver

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  1. Excellent Anti-interference–DSSS&FHSS communication technology makes AT9S Pro transmitter with stable transmission signal and long range control up to 2.1 miles(3.4km) in air.
  2. Powerful Features–10/12 channels, telemetry(work with PRM-03), throttle cut, dual-rate, switch assignments, programmable mix control, fail safe, reverse polarity protection, multiple model options, etc.
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Operating Voltage(V) : 7.4~18.0V
Operating Current (A) : DSSS & FHSS <90mA at 12V , CRSFdepend on the transmission power selection
Freaquency Band : 2.4GHz ISM band (2400mHz ~ 2483.5MHz)
Spread Spectrum mode : DSSS & FHSS/CRSF
Adjacent channel rejections : >38dbm
Modulation mode : QPSK
Bandwidth : 5.0MHz
Signal output : PWM/SBUS/PPM/CRSF
RC Drone Remote : 647g
Receiver Operating voltage : 3.0~10V
Receiver operating current : 30~45mA@5V
output signal : SBUS/SBUS&PWM
Channel quantity : 9 channel for PWM signal output; 10 channel for SBUS&PWM signal output
Receiver weight : 14g


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