Radiolink AT10 2.4GHz 12CH RC Drone Remote with PRM-01 Transmitter and R12DS Receiver

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  1. Ideal for Flying Virtually any Type of Aircraft- Fixed Wing, Rotary, Glider, Multirotor and Hybrids
  2. Excellent Transmitter for Recreation, Sport, Competition or 3D Flying
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Operating Voltage : 7.4~15V
Operating Current : >105mA
Transmission Power : <100mW (20dbm)
Frequencies Band : 2.4GHz ISM (2400MHz – 2483.5MHz)
Spread Spectrum Mode : DSSS&FHSS
Channel Quantity : 12 channels
Modulation Mode : QPSK
Control Range : 4 KM


  1. Never Operates The model during adverse weather conditions. Poor Visibility can cause disorientation and loss of control of the model
  2. Always ensure the trim levers at 0 and battery properly charged changed before connecting the receiver
  3. always check all servos and their connections prior to each run
  4. always be sure about turning off the receiver before the transmitter


  1. User name and model setup can be saved (up to 15 aircraft)
  2. RSSI and Telemetry
  3. Adjustable display brightness and contrast
  4. Multiple alarms
  5. Servo reversing and end-point adjustment


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