PlayStation 2 Dual Shock Remote Controller (PS2)

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Connecting Cable Length (m) : 1.5
Connection Type : Wired
Color : Black
Length (mm) : 160
Width (mm) : 90
Height (mm) : 60
Weight (gm) : 200

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The standard PlayStation 2 Dual Shock Remote Controller (PS2) works with virtually all PlayStation 2 and PlayStation games in either analog or digital modes. Playing with the DUAL SHOCK 2 creates a deeper, more controllable, more absorbing PlayStation 2 gaming experience – pressure-sensitive action buttons open up a new world of control possibilities without compromising intuitiveness.


  1. High-Quality controller for PlayStation
  2. Built-in DUAL SHOCK vibration function – feel the on-screen action.
  3. Twin analog control sticks – double the control, twice the advantage.
  4. An intelligent self-calibrating analog system that automatically optimizes performance for every game
  5. Analog pressure sensitivity on all action buttons – control the in-game action with more precision than ever before. Refer to game manuals for specific control details.


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