PANASONIC BQ – CC61N Eneloop Battery Charger with USB Cable

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PANASONIC BQ – CC61N Eneloop Battery Charger deliver a gentle charging with low current guarantees a long service life of the Eneloop batteries. Two LEDs let you know the charging status of batteries. Space-saving design with power supply via USB. Therefore, the charger may also via, for example, a power bank or a solar charger can be operated.

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Charger with USB Cable
Auto-Off Timer Control
Charge 2 – 4 AA or AAA rechargeable batteries Simultaneously
Power supply via USB
2 LEDs to indicate charging- Charging LED lights On, Charging Complete- LED Lights Off
Any Rechargeable AA/ AAA Batteries can be recharged
Can run on any USB Mobile Charger or Power Bank

Model Panasonic BQ-CC61
Product type Charger for cylindrical cells
Matching rechargeable battery NiMH
Suitable for battery size AAA , AA
Charging slots 4 x AAA or 4 x AA (one type can be used at a time)
Operating voltage 5 V via USB
Max. charging current per slot 200 mA
Charging current (AAA) 80 mA
Charging current (AA) 200 mA
Charging time for AAs 600 min
Color White
Length (mm) 66
Width (mm) 28
Height (mm) 85
Weight (gm) 65


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