Oxygen Sensor Model AO-03


Linear output from 1 to 25% Vol.
No external power supply
Quick response
Accurate and reliable

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AO-03 oxygen sensor is widely used in the fields of mining, steel manufacturing, petrochemical and air monitoring. For example, it can be integrated into oxygen alarms in mines, air quality detectors and commercial air purification equipment The data provided in this document are valid at 20° C, 50% RH and 1013 mbar for 3 months after the manufactured date of sensor. Please strictly follow the instructions for operating the oxygen analyzer and replacing the oxygen sensor.

Model AO-03
Product Type Oxygen Sensor
Output Signal 0.1±0.03 mA in Air
Measurement Range 1~25% Vol. O²
Response Time ( μS) <15 s (T90)
Operating Temperature Range 0 to 50℃
Operating Pressure Range: Atmospheric ±20%
Operating Humidity Range 5-99% RH non-condensing


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