Orange HD Propellers 8045(8X4.5) ABS White 1CW+1CCW-1pair

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These Orange Propellers are light in weight and high strength propeller has a 15° angle design at the end of the propeller to avoid whirlpool while the multi-copter is flying. They are useful in drones as well as in multi-copters.

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The Orange HD Propellers 8045(8X4.5) ABS White is the high-quality propellers specially designed for multi-copters. Orange propellers help to improve the air-powered efficiency and aerofoil stability.

Durable plastic construction provides both lightness and rigidity.
The Orange HD Propellers 8045(8X4.5) ABS White comes with Epoxy resin cover.
Very strong and lightweight.
It comes with a set of plastic reducers (3,3.17,4,5,6,8 mm).
Quick to release, quick to attach
New design propellers, with greater aerodynamic efficiency, good lifting capacity.


Brand Orange
Material ABS
Color White
No. of Blades 2
Length (Inch) 8
Pitch(inch) 4.5
Shaft Diameter (mm) 9.5
Total Length(mm) 204
Plastic Reducers 3, 3.17, 4, 5, 6, 8


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