Orange 5V 5A Power Adapter with 5.5 X 2.5mm DC Plug


This portable power converter is best for electronic prototypes, DIY projects, and development boards, as well as equipment with specific voltage and current ratings, such as biometric attendance systems, Internet routers and switches, medical, and military devices. It is tiny and compact, making it easy to store.

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Choose the Orange 5-Amp | 5-Volt DC Power Adapter for your home, office, or Project needs. You can use this Orange AC to DC Power Adapter to power up your 12-volt appliances. It allows high-power 5-Volt DC items to operate on 110 to 240 Volt AC power which makes it ideal for traveling also.
3-Pin adapter with GND terminal and more convenient to plug.
It comes with a 1 meter long 18 AWG cable
Wide input AC voltage range (100VAC-240VAC).
Very low ripple & noise output for device safety.
High operating ambient temperature up to 80°C.
Highly efficient, compact, durable, and long life.
RoHS compliance Approved.
Protections against- under-over voltage/ overload/ short circuit with auto-restart on fault removal


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