Orange 10mm NPN Inductive Proximity Sensor RM30 DC6~36V (Shielded)f


Orange 10mm NPN Inductive Proximity Sensor RM30 DC6~36V (Shielded) is a brand new inductive proximity sensor that detects a metal object. Flush-style sensors actually have a shield that restricts the magnetic field so that it only radiates out of the face of the sensor.

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This M30 indicates a cylinder type whose diameter is 30mm and the length of cylinder 58mm. The operating voltage range is VDC 6~36V, but the nominal voltage is 30V with detecting distance of 10mm. The sensor has 3 wire NO (Normally open) type output with RED LED indicator.
The Inductive Proximity Sensor application:
Mine metallurgy.
Plastics, textile and Chemical Industry.
Light industry, tobacco, electric power, railway, and war industry.
IP67 protection structure (IEC standard).
Compact volume.
High precision of repeated location.
Diversified exterior.
Good performance of anti-interference.
Many output forms.
High on-off frequency.
Wide voltage range.
Dustproof, vibration proof, waterproof and oil proof.
With short-circuit protection and inverted connecting protection.
Long service life.

Model Orange RM30~3010 NA
Operating Voltage (VDC) 6 ~ 36
Detection Distance (mm) 10
Outer Thread Size M30
Object Type Inductive
Output Type NPN Normally Open Three-line
Installation Type Flush (Shielded)
Max Output Current (mA) 200
Setting Distance (mm) 0 ~ 7
Insulation Resistance (MΩ) 50
Operating Temperature (°C) -25 to 70
Storage condition (℃) -30 to 80
Cable Diamensions Ø4.5, 3-Wire, 2 Meter
Weight (gm) 144


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