Pollution click has high sensitivity to organic gases such as methanal (also known as formaldehyde), benzene, alcohol, toluene, etc. The click carries the WSP2110 VOC gas sensor with the detection range of 1~50ppm (parts per million).
Pollution click is designed to run on a 5V power supply. It communicates with the target MCU over AN and RST pin on the mikroBUS™ line

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WSP2110 VOC gas sensor is a MOS type (metal oxide semiconductor) sensor that detects volatile organic compounds such as methanal, benzene, alcohol and other types of gases that can be harmful to one’s health in high concentrations. The concentration of the target gas affects the conductivity of the sensor. Higher concentration of the gas means the conductivity of the sensor gets higher as well.
For precise calibration, the sensor needs to preheat (once powered up, it takes 120h to reach the right temperature).

Sensor’s Sensitivity
P1 potentiometer onboard is used for trimming the sensor’s sensitivity. Enable the pin drive gate of the heaters MOSFET switch to reduce power consumption when the click is not in use.

Detection Range
The detection range of the sensor is 1~50ppm (part per million). Parts per million is the number of parts of a component in 1 million parts of the gas mixture, it’s the ratio of one gas to another

Applications: Automatic exhaust devices, air cleaners, harmful gas detection devices, etc.

Type CO2 and Pollution Gas Sensor
Sensitivity Rs(in air)/Rs(in 10ppm toluene)≥3
Interface Analog, GPIO
Compatibility mikroBUS
Click board size 42.9 x 25.4 mm
Input Voltage 5V
On-board modules WSP2110 VOC gas sensor
Detection range 1~50ppm


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