MICS-5524 Carbon Monoxide Hydrogen Methane Alcohol Gas Sensor Detection Module


MICS-5524 Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Methane Alcohol Gas Sensor Detection Module is a robust MEMS sensor for indoor carbon monoxide and natural gas leakage detection, it’s suitable also for indoor air quality monitoring; breath checker and early fire detection.

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This breakout board is not for any safety, medical or finished product usage. We’re selling it for hobby education & experimentation and don’t guarantee it for any other purpose; All gas sensors require calibration for precision output.

Power it with 5 VDC and read the analog voltage off of the output pin. When gasses are detected, the analog voltage will increase in the proportion of detected gas. When powered, the heater draws about 25-35mA. You can use the EN pin to power it off (pull it high to 5V to turn off) to conserve energy. Just make sure to wait for a second after turning the heater on to make sure its all heated before taking readings.

Each order comes with one assembled and tested MiCS-5524 breakout and a bit of header. You’ll need to do some light soldering to attach the header on – or you can use just plain wires.

Model MICS5524
Input Voltage ( Volt) 4.9 – 5.1
Maximum Heater power dissipation (mW) 88
Relative Humidity Range (%RH) 5 – 95
Operating Temperature Range (Celsius) -30 ~ 85
Dimensions (mm) 20 x 13 x 3.4
Weight (gm) 1


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