Maxbotix MB7480-101 4-20 HR-MaxSonar-WRI Ultrasonic Sensor


The 4–20HR–MaxSonar–WR sensor line is a high-performance ultrasonic precision rangefinder that provides high accuracy, and high-resolution ultrasonic range detection in air. The 4–20HR–MaxSonar–WR sensor line is a cost–effective solution for automation/process control applications where precision range–finding, low–voltage operation, space-saving, low cost and IP67 weather resistance is needed.

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Automated process control systems
Tank level measurement
Weather station monitoring
Bin level measurement
Robust and easy to use interface
Excellent noise rejection
Small and easy to mount
Stable, reliable range readings

Operating Voltage (V) 10V to 32V
Resolution (m) 1
Excellent MTBF (hrs) > 200,000
Maximum Range (m) 5
Operational Temperature -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +149°F)
Read Rate (Hz) 75


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