Maxbotix MB7369-100 HRXL-MaxSonar-WRM Ultrasonic Sensor


The MB7369 from the HRXL-MaxSonar-WR line of outdoor sensors is a rugged ultrasonic sensor component module. This sensor comes in a compact and robust PVC housing which meets the IP67 water intrusion standard and matches standard electrical 3/4‑inch PVC pipe fittings (this product has multiple housing options available).

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The HRXL-MaxSonar-WR sensors are factory calibrated to match narrow sensor beam patterns and provide reliable long-range detection zones.

The MB7369 is designed to report the distance to the largest acoustic return while ignoring smaller targets. When targets are of similar amplitude reflections, preference is given to the closest target. This gives users the flexibility to consistently detect larger targets in the presence of clutter and noise.
Long, narrow detection zone
Our most advanced weather-resistant, ultrasonic sensor
Additional stability filter rejects anomalous readings
Detects the largest signal return in the field of view
Uses the complete dynamic range of the sensor, if no large targets are present the sensor will select the next smallest target in view
Can be used to range large objects behind small obstructions
Best sensor for bin and tank level measurements

Operating Voltage (V) 2.7-5.5
Average current (mA) 2.9
Resolution (mm) 1
Maximum range (cm) 500
Read rate (Hz) 6.66
Serial Data 0utput RS232


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