MaxBotix MB1220 XL-MaxSonar-EZ2 Ultrasonic Sensor


This makes the MB1220 is a great choice for applications that require decreased sensitivity to side objects than the MB1210. The MB1220 from the XL‑MaxSonar‑EZ line of sensors is a very small, less than one cubic inch, ultrasonic sensor component module. This sensor comes with mounting holes provided on the circuit board for easy installation in nearly all applications.

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Features of the MB1220, XL-MaxSonar-EZ2, include centimeter resolution, an excellent compromise between sensitivity and side object rejection, short to long distance detection, range information from 20cm to 765cm, a 10Hz read rate, and various output options: pulse-width, analog voltage, and RS232 serial.
Great for people detection
Motion detection
Landing flying objects
Used with battery power
Autonomous navigation
Educational and hobby robotics
Collision avoidance
High acoustic power output
Real-time auto sensitivity adjustments and noise rejection for every ranging cycle
Calibrated beam angle
Small, light weight module
Continuously variable gain
Triggered operation provides the range reading as desired
All interfaces are active
Designed for easy integration into your project or product
Medium range, medium detection zone for small targets

Operates Voltage 3.3-5.5V
Current 3.4mA
Resolution 1 cm
Reading rate 10Hz
Sensor operates 42KHz
RoHS Compliant
Read from all 3 sensor outputs Analog Voltage, RS232 Serial, Pulse Width
Virtually no dead zone objects closer than 20 cm range as 20 cm
Operational Temperature 0˚C to +65˚C (32˚F to +149˚F)
Balanced design gives both high sensitivity and noise tolerance
Maximum range 765 cm (300 inches)
Hardware gain 1000


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