Mark3 145mm Carbon Fiber Frame Kit

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  1. Compact size
  2. High performance
  3. Lightweight and Durable.
  4. Made by super strong and advanced engineering material.
  5. The frame has excellent strength.
  6. Equips vibration-free mounting bracket for FPV camera.
  7. This is DIY drone Frame Kit for your projects
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  1. Wheelbase: 145mm
  2. Weight: 50G
  3. Material: Carbon Fiber
  4. Thickness: upper plate 2.0mm, side plate 2.0mm, bottom plate 2.0mm, splint 2.0mm, machine arm 4.0mm
  5. Paddle: 3.0 inch paddle
  6. Flight control hole distance: 20 x 20mm (M2)
  7. The distance between the rear image transmission holes: 20*20mm (M2)
  8. Camera installation width: 14mm
  9. Motor mounting holes: 9 x 9mm(M2), 12 x 12mm(M2)
  10. Adapt to the VISTA sky terminal
  11. Adapt 915 antenna


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