M5STACK Ultrasonic Distance Unit I/O (RCWL-9620)


GPIO communication interface
Protective housing
Built-in temperature compensation reduces the temperature drift
Support UIFlow platform

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UNIT SONIC IO is a GPIO interface ultrasonic range sensor. This module features an RCWL-9620 ultrasonic distance measurement chip with a 16mm probe, which the ranging accuracy can reach 2cm-450cm (accuracy up to ±2%). This sensor determines the distance to a target by measuring time lapses between the transmitting and receiving of the pulse signal, users can directly obtain the distance value through IO control mode. It is ideal to apply in robotics obstacle avoidance, fluid level detection, and other applications that require you to perform measurements.

Brand M5 STACK
Product Ultrasonic Distance Unit I/O
Ultrasonic Ranging Single Chip RCWL-9620
Range 2cm-450cm
Probe Specifications 16mm
Receiving/Transmitting Frequency 40KHz
Receiving sensitivity -65dB
Pointing angle 60°
Measurement accuracy ±2%
Measurement period 50ms
Working current 3mA


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