M5 Stack COM.GPS Module (NEO-M8N) With Antenna

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GPS-based logistics tracking management
Driverless car positioning

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Antenna type: external GPS antenna
External antenna port: SMA
Can receive data from 3 GNSS systems at the same time
Horizontal position accuracy: minimum of 2.5m
Protocol: NMEA, UBX, RTCM

Receiver Type : GPS:L1C/A SBAS:L1C/A QZSS:L1C/A GLONASS:L1OF BediDou:B1 Galileo:E1B/C
Positioning Time : Cold start:26S Hot start:1.5S
Update Rate : Separate GNSS 10Hz,Parallel GNSS 5Hz
Rate Accuracy : 0.05m/s
Height Limit : 50000m
Speed Limit : 500m/s
Operating Temperature (°C) : -40 to 80
Antenna Type : SMA
Length (mm) : 54
Width (mm) : 54
Height (mm) : 14
Weight (gm) : 28


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