LED 4 Digit Red Display Indicators Tachometer+Hall Proximity Switch Sensor NPN


This digital display counter has a bright LED light, high accuracy, good stability, and easy installation. The meter remains the number automatically when power off. It has The working power supply of AC/DC 8-24V, 40mA. The product has good stability, strong anti-interference, and is ability suitable for display of various digital instruments.

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Lathe, CNC, Mower, Spring, etc. Measure varied motor RPM.
4 digit bright LED light, clear to read.
Good stability, high accuracy, and easy installation.
Counting value will be retained when power failure.
Wide application to automation equipment and test equipment, etc.
Compact size, beautiful appearance, and Blue, Green, Red, three color for you to choose.
Hall NPN sensor

Appearance M12mm cylinder
Output NPN three wire normally open type
The detection distance 10 mm
Supply voltage 8-24VDC,6-36VDC
Output current 200 mA
Objects can be detected permanent magnets
Switching frequency 320 KHZ
Wiring brown-Power+,blue-Power-,black-signal


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