L-C Power Filter 3A 1-6S Lipo for FPV Transmitter

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  1. Built-in Reverse Polarity protection.
  2. Very low voltage drop.
  3. Compact and lightweight.
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If you are running a single battery to power both your motors and FPV setup, you may notice interference in your video, seen as moving lines in your video feed. The interference is a product of the motors causing voltage fluctuations as they change RPM. If you find that you suffer interference when your motors are running and not when they aren’t, then the noisy power supply is probably your problem.


Model : FPV Micro LC-Filter
Compatible LiPo : 1-6S
Maximum Current : 3A
Max Input Voltage (V) : 26
Length (mm) : 19
Width (mm) : 7.5
Height (mm) : 4.5
Weight (gm) : 1 (approx)


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