Knitted Gloves

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Amaan Enterpirses provides their clients with a range of knitted seamless gloves, that are available in various sizes and colors to choose from. These are widely used in automobile, mining, packaging, fishing, handling and other general purposes. Fabricated using natural cotton fiber, these gloves are highly comfortable and cool to wear in all weather. Seamless knitted gloves, 100% cotton knitting gloves. The dots on the gloves help in getting firm grip on the objects and thus provide efficient functioning in mountaineering operations. Owing to the support at the back of the palm, these gloves provide protection against the abrasion and friction. Weight available : 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 grams. The types are :

  • Cotton Knitted Gloves
  • Knitted Dotted Gloves
  • Knitted Kevlar Gloves


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