JHEMCU BLHeli_32- 40A 4IN1 3-6S ESC

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It is designed for multi-axis UAV transition machines. Accurate speed control, accurate signal acquisition. ESC uses a 32-bit ARM Cortex MCU STM32F051 48MHZ processor, 2048-level throttle resolution, unique algorithm control, and strong anti-interference ability

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32Bits ARM Cortex MCU STM32F051 48MHZ CPU
Strong anti-interference ability
PCB adopts 6-layer, low inner resistance
Built-in Current detection module, which can cooperate with the flight control to detect the current value
The Dshot series calls the BB21MCU. 48Mhz
Support 2S-6S, 4PWM input without BEC
Support for Oneshot / Multishot /Dshot BLHELI-32 firmware
You can upgrade the firmware online or change the configuration parameters via the signal line.
ESC comes with a current sensing module that can cooperate with flight control to detect current value.
ESC adopts an adaptive control system and is compatible with most motors on the market.


Supports Oneshot / Multishot /Dshot, BLHELI-32 PWM control signal
Power supply voltage 3-6S (12-26V)
Continuous working current 55A
BEC No built-in 5V BEC output
Firmware BLHELI 32 ESC
Mounting hole spacing (mm) 30.5 * 30.5MM


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