IR Remote Control Extension Cord Cable IR Receiver Transmitter Repeater


This IR repeater/Extender Infrared Extender Cable is the perfect solution for controlling and help in that. You just need to plug and Play this powerful IR repeater system and sit back on your couch to enjoy and operate your device fast and smoothly hiding them to your desired place.

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Installation Steps:

  • It Comes with One Receiver (big red dome) at one end and one small Transmitter (small dome) at another end.
  • Both ends are attached with a USB cable for 5V 500mA DC Input Power.
  • You just need to find one USB port on your device to power it up or a wall adapter in the rare case.
  • Place the Transmitter (small dome) nearby or stick it at the IR receiver LED on your box/device
  • Place the Receiver (big dome) at the line of sight of the remote control where you have easy access to throw your remote signals comfortably.
  • And that’s it you are all set to access your hidden appliance via this IR repeater.
  • Hack: You can control two IR-operated devices using this (like DTH and Blue Ray Player) *condition will be both box’s IR receiver should be close enough that transmitter of this Repeater system can be set between within 5 cm range of both device’s IR Receiver LED. (really this is pro-level)
  • Features
    Can be used to enhance the range of Device


    Operating power 5VDC 500mA
    Cable Length 200 cm (2 Meter)
    Cable color Black
    Weight 40gm


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