HTRC C150 150W 10A LiPo LiFe NiMh Battery Charger/Discharger

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The HTRC C150 150W 10A LiPo LiFe NiMh Battery Charger/Discharger (Original) is a multi-charger, supports charge, discharge, storage, and balance charge functions. Its 1602 LCD screen displays the cell voltage. It can automatically identification of battery sections. C150 employs an individual-cell-voltage balance.

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lt isn’t necessary to connect an external balancer for balance charging.
Compact charger, easy to carry, easy to use
Practical for a variety of batteries
Automatic identification of Li-Po batteries cells counts
Built-in cool fan for easy heat dissipation
Multi-extra function:
TVC (Terminal voltage control): The Charger allows the user to set the charge/discharge end voltage
Lithium Battery internal Resistance Check: can display each cell’s resistance. (does not support 1s battery)
Balancer: individual-cell-voltage balancing, cell voltage Monitoring
5V 2.1A USB port
Data storage and loading
Battery break in and cycling
Maximum Safety: Automatic charge current limit, capacity limit, processing time limit, temperature threshold
Firmware update

Model HTRC C150
Input AC 100-240V / DC 11-18V
Charge power Max 150W
Discharge power 10W
Charge current 0.1-10A
Discharge current 0.1-2A
Lilon/LiPo/LiFe/LiHV cell count 1-6cells
NiCd/NiMH battery cell count 1-15cells
PB Battery voltage 2-20V
Smart battery I/II/III
Current drain for balancing 500mA/cell
Colour Black
Net Weight (gm) 490
Length (mm) 145
Width (mm) 105
Height (mm) 64
Weight (gm) 490


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