HSKRC 3 Inch 140mm Carbon Fiber Racing Kit

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  1. Wheelbase: 140mm
  2. Arm Thickness: 3mm
  3. Bottom Plate Thickness: 3mm
  4. Upper Plate Thickness: 1.5mm
  5. Camera Mounting Size: 19mm
  6. Frame height: 30mm
  7. Dimension:215x140x80 mm
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The HKSRC 3 inch 140 mm Frame was designed specifically to address the challenges of quadcopter racing and video recording. The frame is made of carbon fiber and has excellent electrical and tensile properties. This HSKRC 3 Inch 140mm Carbon Fiber Racing Drone Frame is made from carbon fiber which makes it tough and durable. The frame is light and has thick arms, allowing it to provide good mechanical strength. The frame’s aerodynamic efficiency is enhanced by the mini design. It has a wheelbase is about 140 mm. It is featuring a large space in the mainframe for mounting the camera and other accessories.


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