HSKRC 3 Inch 140mm Carbon Fiber Racing Frame

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Model : HSKRC 140 mm
Wheelbase(mm) : 140
Thickness(mm) : 3
Weight(gm) : 32
Bottom Plate Thickness(mm) : 3
Upper Plate Thickness(mm) : 1.5
Camera Mounting Size(mm) : 19
Frame height(mm) : 30
Shipment Weight : 0.036 kg
Shipment Dimensions : 16 × 13 × 1 cm

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This HSKRC 3 Inch 140mm Carbon Fiber Racing Frame. This Frame is built Specially to tackle the Problems in Racing and Video recording with Quadcopter. This Frame is built with carbon fiber and It has Good Electrical Properties and Good Tensile Strength.


  1. Lightweight and Durable.
  2. The frame has Excellent Strength.
  3. No trouble in racing indoor and outdoor.


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