Holybro Pix32 v6 Flight Controllers FC Module Standard Set

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The Pix32 v6 is the latest update to the pix32 v5 flight controllers. It is a variant of the Pixhawk 6C. It is comprised of a separate flight controller and carrier board which are connected by a 100-pin connector. It is designed for those pilots who need a high-power, flexible, and customizable flight control system.

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  1. IMUs are temperature-controlled by onboard heating resistors, allowing the optimum working temperature of IMUs
  2. High-performance STM32H743 Processor with more computing power & RAM
  3. New cost-effective design with a low-profile form factor
  4. Sensor technology from Bosch® & InvenSense®
  5. Arm® Cortex®-M7 core running up to 480 MHz


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