HF150 150mm 3 inch Carbon Fiber Frame

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  1.  Wheelbase: 150mm
  2.  Thickness: Arm 4.0mm, other plates 2.0mm
  3.  Paddle: 3 inch paddle
  4.  Flight control hole distance: 20x20mm
  5.  Camera installation width: 19mm
  6.  Motor: 13xx, 14xx series (9×12)
  7.  Structure: X-type split
  8.  Aluminum column height: 25mm
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A drone frame has two main parts: the body and the arms. The body houses and protects your electronic components including flight controller, 4in1 ESC, FPV camera, VTX etc. Typically it consists of a bottom plate, top plate and some standoffs in between to hold them together. The arms are for installing the motors on


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