Hex Pixhawk cube + Flight Controller Autopilot


The Cube Orange Standard Set + ADS-B  flight controller comes with an H7 processor, features a 1,090 MHz ADS-B receiver from Avionic, automatically avoids aircraft, and Is integrated into the new ADS-B carrier board.


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The Cube Orange

Cube Orange targets education, amateur drone lovers, and professionals with cost-effective flight control hardware.

ADS-B Carrier Board

A standard carrier board with an integrated 1090MHz ADS-B receiver allows the software to receive information about the location of manned aircraft in the area.


Main Processor : STM32H757 Dual Core M7 + M4
Coprocessor : STM32Fl00
Supported RC signals : PPM/SBUS/DSM
Power redundancy : Triple redundancy
Sensors : Triple IMU System
Cube Size (mm) : 38.4 x 38.4 x 22
Carrier Board Size (mm) : 94 x 44.3 x 7.3
Operating Temperature : -10+55° IMU with temperature control



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