Hammer Drive Screw SS

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Drive screws are designed for heavy duty fastening applications. Also known as U-drive screws, hammer drive screws, or unslotted round head screws, drive screws’ rounded head style and unique construction make them strong and durable for long-lasting strength. Hammer drive screws are commonly used for attaching nameplates, wall signs, and other similar applications. Drive screws feature round, unslotted heads, multiple start threads with large helical angles, and an unthreaded pilot point. Similar to nails, hammer drive screws are driven into mating parts with a mallet, hammer, or hammer-drive device for quick and permanent assembly. No tapping threads are required in the mating part, but an undersized predrilled pilot hole is required, and the U-drive screw must be made of harder material than the mating parts.

  • Non-corrosive
  • Sturdiness
  • Impeccable finish


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