GT2205 2300KV Brushless DC Motor ? Silver Cap (CCW Motor Rotation)

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The build quality on these is really top-notch.
The motor is extremely smooth
The motor weighs around 35 grams.
The use of a very strong c-clip makes the motor durable.
Thin, wide, and curved magnets for unique flight characteristics.

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The GT2205 2300KV Brushless DC Motor has curved high-temperature N52 magnets and quality proven bearings to improve the operational characteristics of the motor. This GT2205 2300KV CCW Brushless Motor motor is used with Premium Orange 3S-4S Li-PO Batteries through ESC of 40-60A and a 5-inch Orange propeller.

Model : GT2205
Motor KV (RPM/V) : 2300
ESC : 40 ~ 60 A
Shaft Diameter (mm) : 5
Compatible LiPO Batteries : 2S ~ 4S
Max Power (W) : 495
No-Load Current (mA) : 600
Current Handling Capacity (A) : 20
Max. Efficiency Current (A) : 30
Maximum Efficiency : >81%
Internal Resistance(mΩ) : 65
Propeller : 5 inch


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