GPS Antenna with UFL connector

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4 stage LNA

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This is a GPS Antenna having a frequency of 1575 +/- 5 MHz and 28dBi gain. GPS Antenna is a wireless device to receive and transmit GPS signals, it has been widely used in telecommunication to communicate. One of the main reasons to use a chip antenna is the reduced overall cost of the radio module.

Model : LWC-GPS-CHIP-28
Frequency Range : 1575 Hz ~ 5 MHz
Gain : > 28 dBi (with LNA)
Impedance (Ω) : 50
VSWR : < 1.5 Polarization : RHCP
Power Handling (W) : 50
HPBW : V: 650 / H: 650
Connector : U.FL (Female)
Housing : Tin Plated
Length (mm) : 25
Width (mm) : 25
Height (mm) : 10
Weight (gm) : 50


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