FrSky X8R 8/16ch Full Duplex Telemetry Receiver

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The X8R supports 8 standard servo outputs, and you can access all 16 channels by using the Sbus line with Sbus supported servos or use a FrSky S.BUS Decoder for the full 16 channels. Or you can use 2 X8R receivers in combination and the channels will sync 1-8 on the first and 9-16 on the second.

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The X8R is in a smaller package than the previous 8 channel receivers but has so much more capability. The new Smart Port supports the new hub-less sensors as well as the older hub analog sensors.

With RSSI PWM output (0~3.3V)
Parallel two X8R to become a 16 channel receiver.
SmartPort enabled realizing two-way full-duplex transmission.
More number of channels: 1~8ch from conventional channel outputs 1~16ch from SBUS port or combine two X8R to become a 16 channels receiver.
All 16 channels require the FrSky Taranis or the XJT module bound in D16 mode. For 8 channels in D8 Mode, you can use the FrSky Taranis or XJT DJT DFT DHT and DHT-U modules.


Operating Voltage (VDC) 4.0~10V
Operating Current 100mA@5V
Operating Distance Range (Meter) Full Range (>1.5km)
No. of Channels 16
Length (mm) 46.25
Width (mm) 26.6
Height (mm) 14.2
Weight (gm) 16.6


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