FrSky TWIN Lite Pro Module

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Less latency with more range and higher reliability at a faster data rate
CNC machined metal module shell designed to aid heat dissipation
Adjustable RF Power (Up to 500mW)
Supports 4 RF protocols: ACCST D16 / ACCESS / ELRS (Compatible) / TW Mode
TW Mode (ETHOS Radios compatible)

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The Twin Lite PRO is a powerful RF module which enables ETHOS capable radios to bind to the TW series receivers and support the TW protocol’s dual 2.4G frequencies simultaneously on the same receiver. The RF module has two 2.4G external antennas RF mounted to provide multi-directional and wider coverage for transmitting signals compared to a single antenna design. Taking advantage of these features, the Twin system can provide less latency and higher reliability at a faster data rate with confidence.


Operating current 84mA 100mW
RF power 10mW/25mW/100mW/200mW/500mW
Supports 4 RF protocols ACCST D16 / ACCESS / ELRS / TW modes
Antenna 2 x external 2.4G antenna
Dimension 62.8×30×17.2mm


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