FrSky Tandem X20S ACCESS 900M/2.4GHz Radio Transmitter with TDR6 Receiver

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Operating Voltage Range : 6.5 ~ 8.4V (2S Li-battery)
Operating Current (A) : 240mA@7.4V (typ.)
Charging Current : ≤1A ±200mA
Operating System : ETHOS
Internal RF module : TANDEM
Number of Channels : Up to 24 channels

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The Tandem X20 is a pioneering dual-band radio transmitter, it drew on feedback and experience with previous radios and adds many new features such as color touch screen, an ergonomic design that provides unprecedented comfort in the hand. On the RF side, we have given it the powerful RF system , the TD dual RF system, which does not simply reiterate the combined features of the FRSKY900MHz and 2.4GHz RF systems. 


  1. 800 x 480 Color Touch-Screen Displays
  2. 6 Quick-Mode Custom Buttons (Front) and 2 Momentary Buttons (Rear)
  3. Lite Type External Module Bay
  4. Built-in 6-axis Gyroscope Sensor
  5. All CNC Metal Trims, Knobs


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