Figaro TGS3870 Methane/Carbon Monoxide Sensor


TGS 3870-F00 is a micro-bead type semiconductor gas sensor for the detection of both methane and carbon monoxide. Using a micro-bead gas sensing structure, both methane and carbon monoxide can be detected with a single sensor element by periodic application of two different heater voltages (high and low).

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Miniaturization of the gas sensing bead results in a heater power consumption of only 38mW (average). TGS 3870-F00 has low sensitivity to alcohol vapors (a typical interference gas in the residential environment) and has high durability, making the sensor ideal for consumer market gas alarms.
Miniature size and low power consumption
High sensitivity and selectivity to both methane and carbon monoxide (CO)
Low sensitivity to alcohol vapor
Long life and low cost

Model No. TGS3870-F00
Circuit Voltage 5.0±0.2V DC pulse
Load Resistance variable (>0.75kΩ)
Sensing Principle MOS type
Sensor Resistance 0.3kΩ~5.0kΩ in 3000ppm methane 2kΩ~40kΩ in 200ppm CO
Standard Package Plastic base and metal can
Target Gases Methane and Carbon Monoxide
Test Gas Conditions Target gas in air at 20±2˚C, 65±5%RH


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