Figaro LPM2610-D09 Butane and Propane Gas Sensor Module

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The LPM2610 is a pre-calibrated module for LP gas alarms which is precisely calibrated in Figaro’s humidity and temperature-controlled facility. The module uses TGS2610-D00 which incorporates a filter to eliminate the influence of interference gases such as alcohol, resulting in highly selective response to LP gas.

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The most important process in manufacturing reliable residential gas alarms is adjusting the alarm point. Calibration is a complicated and time-consuming process that also requires a substantial investment in calibration equipment. By
eliminating the costly calibration process, this module enables users to easily and simply manufacture residential LP gas alarms. Figaro has taken the complexity out of designing a gas detector circuit by providing users with a temperature compensation circuit that combines a built-in thermistor and individually adjusted load resistor together with Figaro’s low-power LP gas sensor.
Factory calibrated * Residential LP gas alarm
Temperature compensation circuit
Interferent-resistant sensor TGS2610
Compact size
Meets RoHS regulations

Heater voltage 5.0±0.2V DC
Circuit Voltage 5.0±0.2V DC
Heater Current 56±5mA
Minimum impedance between Pin#2,3 and GND 2.5MΩ
Operating conditions 0˚~40˚C, 30~95%RH
Temperature differential between inside and outside detector casing ≤10˚C max.
(see NOTE 1)
Test gas conditions 1250±100ppm iso-butane in air at 20˚±2˚C, 65±5%RH
Circuit conditions VH=5.0±0.05V DC
VC=5.0±0.05V DC


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