F4 NOXE V3 FC acro + 35A ESC

Original price was: ₹5,729.00.Current price is: ₹5,724.00.

Input Voltage (V) : 2-5S voltage input
PWM Digital I/O Pins : 4 input
Peak Current (A) : 35
Average Current Consumption (mA) : 25000

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Beautiful and fashionable Exquisite and unique design, easy to carry, beautiful, and practical. interesting decoration: Simple appearance, it can easily match various home decoration styles. Simple appearance can be matched with various styles of accessories, suitable for different occasions. suitable for bedrooms: Suitable for high accuracy game time, durable, and not easy to damage.

F4 NOXE V3 FC acro + 35A ESC electronic stability control system
The newly developed F4 NOXE V3 FC acro + 35A ESC in 1 miniature electronic stability control
High system integration, greatly reduced than the standard size, excellent performance, support 5S,


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