F3 EVO V2.0 Flight Control

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The latest version of F3 EVO flight control Support 6 axis aircraft. The operating current of each shaft can be up to 10A or higher, improved to measure the blood pressure of the amplifier module, can reach up to 500 mah constant output current using UART1 or UART2 output 5V can satisfy low power circuit as 25 MW FPV camera, support LED STRIP function.

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Sensors : 6050 MCU
Input Voltage (V) : 1S (4.2V), 2S (8.4V)
Firmware : EVO firmware
Processor : STM32F303CCT6
PCB Thickness(mm) : 1.2mm
Length (mm) : 22
Width (mm) : 32.5
Weight (gm) : 3
Micro-SD Card Slot : No


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