EMAX Pulsar LED Motor – 2207 2450kv

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Bright White LED Illuminated Motor Base w/ Interchangeable Coloured Covers
Motor Wire Solder Pads on Motor Base
N52 Arc Magnets
Precision EZO 9x4x4 Bearings
Hollow Steel Shaft
Multi-Stranded Motor Winding

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With the maximum performance, reliability, and efficiency EMAX Pulsar is a pinnacle of brushless motor technology featuring a Throttle Input Feedback System, the base of the Pulsar motor emits luminance based on the amount of power inputted into the motor.
Framework : 12N14P
Brand : EMAX
Model : Pulsar 2207
Motor KV (RPM/V) : 2450
Maximum Thrust (gm) : 1710
Prop. Adapter Shaft Size (mm) : 5
Compatible LiPO Batteries : 3S ~ 4S
Compatible Propellers Size (inch) : 5 ~ 5.5
Length (mm) : 34.2
Diameter (mm) : 27.5
Weight : 34.7g


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