Emax ECOII-2807-1700KV Brushless Motor

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Upgraded N52SH curved arc magnets for tighter airgap and better performance
Massive 12mm EZO bearing for unparalleled smooth operation
19x19mm Motor Mounting

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The engineers are at emax are always seeking ways to design the ultimate motor with brush-less technology. in their efforts they produced the ECO 2 series a new line of brush-less motors further improving on the performance and durability while retaining the same affordability.
Rated RPM : 1700KV
Voltage : 14.8V (4S)
Motor Stator Size : 28xx
Max thrust : 2100g (on 4s)
Propeller : 6″-7″
Weight (g) : 47.9G(W/O silicone wire)
Prop adapter shaft thread : M5


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